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All’s Well, Ends Well / 家有喜事(2016年香港修复加长版)


A romantic Chinese New Year comedy about the three Shang brothers. Eldest brother Shang Moon is a philandering businessman who treats his hideous yet hard-working wife like dirt. Middle brother Shang Foon is a disc jockey/playboy who tries to score with as many girls as possible. Youngest brother Shang So is an obviously gay dance instructor. Moon soon gets the tables turned on him as his wife leaves to become a glamorous karaoke hostess, and Foon gets into a bizarre relationship with a fan so obsessed with movies that she constantly acts out characters on dates, until he suddenly becomes temporarily mentally ill. And So is continually at odds with obvious butch lesbian family cousin. Hilarity ensues.

常家大哥常满(黄百鸣 饰)事业有成,可是却嫌弃家中老婆程大嫂(吴君如 饰)是个黄脸婆,不懂打扮。程大嫂每天在家服侍老人痴呆的公婆,深得常骚(张国荣 饰)与常欢(周星驰 饰)的喜爱。娘娘腔常骚与“男人婆”表姑妈梁无双(毛舜筠 饰)是一对死对头,可在两人同时受到感情伤害的时候,萌生爱意。常欢是出名的花花公子,却意外撞坏了脑子,女朋友何里玉(张曼玉 饰)还是愿意留在他的身边。当个人都心有所属时,却要帮大哥想办法挽回与程大嫂的感情。