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Days of Being Wild / 阿飛正傳


Set in 1960, the film centres on the young, boyishly handsome Yuddy, who learns from the drunken ex-prostitute who raised him that she is not his real mother. Hoping to hold onto him, she refuses to divulge the name of his real birth mother. The revelation shakes Yuddy to his very core, unleashing a cascade of conflicting emotions. Two women have the bad luck to fall for Yuddy. One is a quiet lass named Su Lizhen who works at a sports arena, while the other is a glitzy showgirl named Mimi. Perhaps due to his unresolved Oedipal issues, he passively lets the two compete for him, unable or unwilling to make a choice. As Lizhen slowly confides her frustration to a cop named Tide, he falls for her. The same is true for Yuddy’s friend Zeb, who falls for Mimi. Later, Yuddy learns of his birth mother’s whereabouts and heads out to the Philippines.

1960年代的香港,因生母在阿飞旭仔(张国荣)长大成人过程中的缺失,他把自己优雅地比喻为“无根鸟”,对生命中遇到的每一个女人都表现得放荡不羁,售票员苏丽珍(张曼玉)和舞女咪咪(刘嘉玲)先后令他感受过温暖,可是她们也只能当当小情人。为摆脱沉重和无力感,旭仔抛下一切去南洋找寻生母。   暗恋过苏丽珍且目睹过她与旭仔情感一路变化的,曾是小巡警今在跑船的超仔(刘德华)在菲律宾又遇到旭仔,是缘分也是宿命,他参与、见证了阿飞命运被改写的过程。