House of Wax / 恐怖蠟像館

Six friends are on their way to a football game. They decide to camp out for the night and continue driving the next day. The next day the friends find that they’re having car troubles, so two of the friends accept a stranger’s ride into a small town named Ambrose. The main attraction in Ambrose is the House of Wax. Except something is not right in this town, the wax figures are so realistic and the whole town is deserted – except for two murderous twin brothers. The six friends must fight to survive and escape from being the next exhibits in the House of Wax.

幾個好友結伴前往觀看美國大學美式足球冠軍賽,他們在前往比賽地時決定順便在野外進行一次野營。于是,卡莉(伊麗莎•庫斯伯特 Elisha Cuthbert 飾)、佩茲(帕麗斯•希爾頓 Paris Hilton 飾)等幾個年輕人在了野外一處荒地紮了營。他們的恐怖經曆就此展開。 首先,一名神秘的司機和這群年輕人起了争執,令大家遊玩的興緻全無;接着第二天他們起床後發現,他們的汽車被人動了手腳發動不了了。在一名當地人的指引下,他們隻能徒步前往附近的偏僻小鎮安布羅斯找人幫忙。安布羅斯由于太過偏遠,以至地圖上根本沒有标出它的所在。一行人來到小鎮,發現這裏人迹罕至。好奇心下,他們走進了鎮上的杜蒂蠟像館,這裏的蠟像做得栩栩如生。原來,這是一個殺人狂魔将鎮上的人殺了用真人做到蠟像!此時那殺人狂魔正在暗處幽幽的盯着他們…

Date: May 6, 2018