Set to Kill / 借兵

A money laundering scheme was uncovered inside a Hong Kong investment bank. The money vanishes and the international mob boss “Big Bob” demands the bank to return all of the money. First she starts with assistant chief officer Connie. In order to protect Connie, Connie’s boyfriend and bank chairman Billy ask for “hired guns” from retired mob boss Uncle Ghost. Uncle Ghost sends his followers Nick, Big Brother, Ah Fei and female bodyguard Lisa to protect Connie. But where did the money go?

香港最顶级的投资银行内有巨额黑钱下落不明,于此牵连的黑帮和警方均介入调查此事,最终,事件的焦点汇聚到了助理总经理康妮(宁静 饰)的身上,一时之间,康妮成为了众矢之的,无时不刻都有着死在黑帮的暗杀之下的可能。无奈之中,康妮的男友比利(路思明 饰)向前黑帮头领鬼叔(刘兆铭 饰)发出了求救信号,鬼叔派出得力干将尼克(黄浩然 饰)、大师兄(吴廷烨 饰)和阿飞(骆力炜 饰)等人保护康妮,与此同时,一行人亦在马不停蹄的发掘事件的真相。曾经,尼克和康妮之间有着一段未了的情缘,此次两人再度相遇,难免旧情复燃,数度险情之后,尼克开始怀疑,比利和大波之间也许有着不可告人的交易。

Date: May 6, 2018