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Stung / 蜂螫


Mrs. Perch, an elderly, wealthy lady from rural America, is throwing a fancy garden party at her remote country villa. Same procedure as every year – except this time her illegally imported plant fertilizer seeps into the ground. Subsequently, a local species of killer wasps that usually lay their eggs into other insects mutates into 7 ft tall predators. And the celebrating upper class company provides just the right kind of prey. It’s up to Paul and Julia, the two catering staffers, to stop the creatures, fight for their lives, and incidentally getting their stumbling romance in order.

一辆货车行驶在泥泞的乡间小路上,酒保保罗(马特•欧莱瑞 Matt O’Leary 饰)和派对组织者茱莉娅(Jessica Cook 饰)正前往他们的目的地,某个山间别墅。别墅所有人波奇妇人(Eve Slatner 饰)每年都会组织派对,请来至交亲朋共同缅怀她去世的丈夫。晴朗的午后,保罗他们有条不紊地布置会场,除了不知从何处而来的马蜂比较讨厌外,其他还都顺利。夜幕降临,宾客相继来到别墅庭院,大家共斟美酒,喜形于色。而就在此时,诡异疯狂的麻风再次出现,它们肆无忌惮袭击在场的每个人,被袭击者受到感染,体内很快诞生出巨大的马蜂怪。 人们一个接一个倒下,而无情冷酷的杀手正向为数不多的幸存者们逼近……