The Conman/赌侠1999

When King stays overnight at his mistress’ place, his pregnant wife Fanny discovers them and Fanny sadly leaves King. One time, King and his assistant Chung was gambling cards with Chimney, when Chimney found out that they were secretly video tapping him, they started to fight. For self-defense reasons, he resorted to using a knife to kill Chimney, which not only caused himself to be colorblind, he was also sentenced to five years of imprisonment for manslaughter. While in prison, King learned horse racing skills.

阿king(刘德华 饰)当年因出千被捕,事实上他是被人陷害的。出狱时他为他接风的是崇拜他已久的化骨龙(张家辉 饰),化骨龙是个终日无所事事的人,希望能跟着king有所作为。出狱后的king到处寻找已怀孕的妻子(张慧仪 饰),与当日的得力助手(张锦程 饰),   后来King与化骨龙妹妹晴(朱茵 饰)产生了好感。   King得到Rocky(吴志雄 饰)的帮助上了赌船,碰见了多年前便想交手的马交文(高捷 饰),king想与之一决高低,却遭到马交文的手下省镜(李子雄 饰)陷害,揭开了king的底细更想进一步迫害king,king又能否躲过劫数呢?

Date: May 6, 2018