From Vegas to Macau 3 / 澳门风云3 粤语

The story of a has-been director looking to re-capture his past glory with an extravagant setting and an ensemble cast with Hong Kong’s A-listers, and a rehashed plot straight from the eighties, not realising his lack of talent and substance can no longer be glossed over with a much more sophisticated audience who have clearly moved with the times.

人称“赢尽天下无敌手”的石一坚(周润发 饰),在摧毁国际洗黑钱集团 DOA后本想收山,却在女儿阿彩(童菲 饰)的婚礼上被炸成失忆,又与好友小马(张家辉 饰)一起被关进监狱,幸得“赌神家族”成员:“赌侠”刀仔(刘德华 饰)、赌神表妹高菲(李宇春 饰)、龙五(向华强 饰)之子龙十五(向佐 饰)等人合力营救。脱险后,石一坚举止恍惚,众人想办法帮他恢复记忆。期间,婚礼爆炸的幕后真凶:国际军火商易天行(张学友 饰)渐渐浮出水面。为还家人公道及将易天行绳之以法,石一坚决定:与“赌神家族”成员及管家傻强等联手,向易天行发出挑战!

Date: May 7, 2018