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From Vegas to Macau II / 澳门风云2


After foiling the criminal plans of the international money-laundering syndicate DOA, our hero from Macau, Ken (Chow Yun Fat) is ready to sit back and enjoy life. Ken’s plan for a calm existence comes to a halt when his protégé, Vincent (Shawn Yue) join Interpol and asks for his master’s help in arresting the real mastermind of DOA, Ms. Aoi.

闻名赌坛的“魔术手”石一坚(周润发 饰)在参加好友龙叔(姜大卫 饰)的海上生日派对时,突遭来路不明的女杀手伏击,后得知她们受旧敌D.O.A组织派来灭口,而她们的目标不仅是杀死石一坚,更要捉拿携组织一百五十亿美元资金潜逃的会计小马(张家辉 饰)……