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Cold War II / 寒战2


Picking up some time after the events in the first movie, Sean Lau is now the Commissioner of Police after the successful rescue operation. However, things turn bad when his wife and daughter are kidnapped. Sean has to seek help from former rival and retired DCP, Waise Lee, to return to his job to help save Sean`s wife and child.

冲锋车案件主谋李家俊(彭于晏 饰)设计逃脱警方控制,与幕后黑手汇合,联手策划更大阴谋。而现警务处长刘杰辉(郭富城 饰),前警务副处长李文彬(梁家辉 饰),和资深大律师简奥伟(周润发 饰)被卷入其中,香港将面临更加大的危机……