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Fight in Causeway Bay / 血战铜锣湾


So big brother Cong decided to take the two younger brother went to Thailand to see the real Simon considered this life worthwhile. Very impressive throw bank card, to the fifth to book a ticket, they have to stay away a trip. On the plane, large Cong sitting position clutched the box, the box is a few people all the cash, since the first plane that is the heart excited, and nervous, after the aircraft suited, the plane landed in Hong Kong transit large box holding Cong rushed off the plane, and the fifth sub-Erleng also followed, flight attendants want to stop but failed. Large Cong because of tension over a sudden urgency, rushed into the bathroom, put in the hands of the box on the ground. Satoshi did not know at this time there have been a large two men as they end. Large Cong found his box was stolen, the three realized the seriousness of the matter and start looking. Follow the flow of people on a bus, she took to the streets of Hong Kong. I thought to Thailand three people in the street and in broken English and Thai people greet passers-by as he was neuropathy, a missing trio and discovered that he was in Hong Kong, three penniless, hungry and cold, forced street performers, but not to be ignored. Kun brother, who stumbled generational transfer box and, like his, snatching back the box office from Kun brother, after a series of misunderstandings occur and resolve, eventually found Kun brother’s case does not own box, loyalty dictates large Cong Kun brother also back boxes, and close Kun brother became brothers, eventually with the help of big brother Kun-tsung back the box.

大聪哥决定带着两个小弟去泰国看看真正的人妖才算是不枉此生。于是很有气势的甩出银行卡,交给小五去订机票,他们也要来一场说走就走的旅行。飞机上,大聪坐在位置上手中紧握着箱子,箱子里是几人所有的现金,由于第一次坐飞机内心即兴奋,又紧张,经过了飞机的不适应,飞机降落在了香港中转,大聪抱 着箱子就冲下了飞机,二愣子和小五也跟随其后,空姐想去阻拦却失败。大聪因为紧张过度,突然尿急,冲进洗手间,把手中的箱子放在了地上。此时的大聪并不知道一直有两个人在尾随着他们。大聪发现自己的箱子被偷,三人意识到事情的严重性,开始四处寻找。跟随人流上了一辆大巴车,来到香港街头。本以为到了泰国的三个人在街上用蹩脚的泰语和英语和人打招呼,却被路人当成神经病,落跑的三人无意间发现自己竟然在香港,三人身无分文,饥寒交迫,被迫街头卖艺,却不被人理睬。无意中发现坤哥等人代人转送的箱子和自己的一样,从坤哥处抢回了箱子,经过一系列误会的发生和解决,最终发现坤哥的箱子不是自己的箱子,义气使然大聪还回坤哥的箱子,并合坤哥结为兄弟,最终坤哥帮大聪找回了箱子。