The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel / 厨子戏子痞子

During Second Sino-Japanese War, China suffered from cholera outbreak because Japanese uses it as an biological weapon. Four Chinese agents captures a Japanese scientist and his bodyguard and interrogate them by Chinese opera in order to get the vaccine formula.

民国三十一年,“虎烈拉”横行华北。流氓(黄渤 饰)饿得不行,蹲在胡同里劫大户,没想到却把两个日本人劫到了一家日本料理店里。店里只有店主夫妇和一个驻店唱戏的戏子。中国店主夫妇,厨子(刘烨 饰)胆小如鼠,厨子老婆(梁静 饰)残疾弱智。戏子(张涵予 饰)颠三倒四,神神叨叨。三人陷入僵局,料理店外,此时日军和城中伪军正在进行全城地毯式搜查。之后事态发展却出人意料,闹剧迭出,情节爆笑百转。几人疯癫闹场的狂欢表象下,“曲线救国”的“愚人谍战”,才刚刚上演……

Date: May 14, 2018