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Bloody Destiny / 拳霸风云


Lofty (Gu Shang Wei ornaments) grew up being trafficked, and was trained as a black boxer, salsa (Choi Yun Su ornaments) parents when they were sold to a small underground brothel. Childhood lofty, in a chaos rescued salsa, and lofty in turn was the eldest child (Bryan Leung ornaments) recaptured. Excellent boxing make lofty again from the underground ring fortunately survived. Years later, lofty and salsa meet again and fall in love, they decided together to escape the dark, over the dull, life of a recluse. But the good, lofty brain was found seriously injured in hospital, a limited life. So he and brother small sea (Du Haitao ornaments) discussed and decided to go to Thailand without telling salsa boxing tournament to earn enough money so that her life worries. On the other hand, lofty and salsa whereabouts or was the eldest child discovered salsa kidnapped, was forced to return to the lofty underground ring, crisis fate once again face the outbreak of boxing.

高远(谷尚蔚饰)从小被拐卖,并被训练成黑拳手,莎莎(崔允素 饰)小的时候被父母卖到了地下妓院。幼年的高远,在一次混乱中解救了莎莎,而高远则又被黑老大(梁家仁饰)抓了回去。出色的拳法让高远一次次从地下擂台上幸运的存活了下来。多年后,高远与莎莎再次相遇,并且相爱,两人决定一起逃离黑暗,过上平淡、隐居的生活。然而好景不长,高远在医院被查出脑部重伤,生命有限。于是他与兄弟小海(杜海涛饰)商量,决定瞒着莎莎去泰国打拳赛,赚取足够的钱,让她生活无忧。另一方面,高远和莎莎的行踪还是被黑老大发现,莎莎遭遇绑架,高远被迫又重返地下擂台,命运的危机,再一次拳面爆发。