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Dragon Blade / 天将雄师


Jackie Chan stars as Huo An, the commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions during the Han Dynasty. He is framed for a wrong he did not commit and is enslaved. Meanwhile, a Roman general is on the run after his mission of rescuing the Prince and escapes to China. These heroic duo soon meet each other in the Western Dessert and embark on a thrilling journey together.

西汉汉元帝年间,西域都护府大都护霍安(成龙 饰)遭奸人陷害,沦为奴役,被刺配至雁门关修城。恰在此时,罗马将军卢魁斯(约翰·库萨克 John Cusack 饰)护卫遭到哥哥迫害的罗马小王子(西蒙子 饰)逃命至雁门关。双雄在西域戈壁相遇,从开始的兵戎相见到惺惺相惜,最终化敌为友。一日,霍安为洗清自己冤屈四处追查时,无意间撞破了好兄弟殷破(崔始源 饰)与罗马大王子提比斯(艾德里安·布洛迪 Adrien Brody 饰)不可告人的秘密…..