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Insanity / 暴疯语


Three years ago, FAN (LAU Ching Wan) had a schizophrenic breakdown and killed his wife (Michelle YE Xuan). He later attempted to commit suicide but was unsuccessful, and was eventually sentenced to rehabilitate in a psychiatric facility indefinitely.Dr. CHOW (HUANG Xiao Ming) is FAN’s psychiatrist. He believes FAN is cured after 3-year treatment and is alone in opposition to all doctors’ objections to discharge FAN.Once and for all, can CHOW make his way out of this bottomless whirlpool?

一桩极其残忍的凶杀案震惊了全香港,当事人范国生(刘青云 饰)杀害了他的妻子,后被诊断有精神问题而暂时逃脱法律制裁,送进精神病院接受治疗。在社会舆论哗然的时刻,意气风发的医学界才俊周明杰(黄晓明 饰)宣布主动担任范国生的主治医生。在周明杰的精心治疗下,范国生逐渐康复。三年后,周认为范已经可以出院重新融入社会,建立自己的生活。但是,同事以及学界对此却有质疑,面对种种压力,周坚持了自己的决定。他言称会对病人及其行为负责,可是他能担负得起这巨大的责任吗,万一真的是放“虎”归山怎么办?