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Inside Or Outside / 真相禁区


Everyone has secrets they keep hidden, even from their loved ones. When Ouquan’s wife gives birth to a child, Ouquan is certain the child is not his and suspects his wife of an affair. He discovers the other man is an unjustly imprisoned criminal, who is on the prowl for revenge and will stop at nothing to re-gain what he’s lost.

费鑫和阿乐接下一件案子……区鉴的妻子南方生下本不该属于他的孩子,笃定被戴绿帽的他本想查清孩子来路,却遭杀手索命,惶惶度日发现一切都是妻子和奸夫的阴谋。蒙冤入狱5年的谢天佑开始了对区鉴的报复行动,决定利用高智商犯罪夺回本该属于自己的一切。在费鑫查到区鉴与新进职员唐蝉关系微妙同时,南方发现一直为自己鸣不平的好友沈嘉美竟是区鉴前妻。   与杀手的对抗,与妻子的周旋,与女职员的邂逅,与前妻的重逢,区鉴深陷危机。每个人的爱里都隐藏着不为人知的秘密……