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Love Detective / 没女神探


Bo is a police woman with an IQ of 189 and also an expert in Martial Arts, hence she is a star of Hong Kong Police Department. Bo’s next dream is to marry long-time boyfriend of 7 years Peter. However Peter broke up with Bo as he fell in love with a young model. Devastated Bo became a mess. However when a new group of 4 young models, “Yogurt” started receiving death threats, Bo is sent in as an undercover agent with a personal agenda to find out Peter’s new girlfriend. Unexpectedly the son of the owner of the model management company, Dai Chi is attracted to Bo and starts to court her. Bo trying to solve the case while trying not to get her cover blown by matters of the heart.

本片故事是由神探阿寶(王菀之飾),屬於「三高」(高智商,高學歷,高收入)的警隊之花,以為是和男友潘彼德為天生一對和幸福女人,詎料卻跟一個自己從來看不起少女模特兒一起,變成「沒女」(沒男友,沒自尊,沒目標)。 1年後,前男友潘彼德被人遇襲後,於是神探杜旗風(蔣志光飾)安排阿寶來以卧底身份混入「YOGURT」組合,同時找了3位「毒男」進行大改造,期間遇到不可思議的秘密。