My Geeky Nerdy Buddies / 大宅男

Otaku (Jam Hsiao) and his roommate Mr. Cheap (Da Peng) are known as the ultimate geeks of their university. However, like any normal guy, their goal is to fall in love with their girls of their dreams. To get close to his goddess Mei (Agyness Zhang), Mr. Cheap pretends to be a spoiled rich kid, appearing everywhere she goes. Meanwhile, the introverted Otaku tries to create a chance to talk to class beauty Ling (Maggie Jiang) by running into her in the hallway, only to have his plan fail awkwardly.

阿宅(萧敬腾 饰)和他的室友抠男(大鹏 饰)是大学里的“铁血纯屌丝”,他们最大的梦想就是可以献身女神。抠男为了接近他的女神川美(谢娜 饰),假扮富二代,在川美身边神出鬼没,但他这些伎俩总会被高冷的雅玲看穿,最后尴尬收场。 一场建校以来最大的情侣PARTY举办在即,,这一晚仍单身的人,他的名字就将会被刻在学校的“耻辱柱”上,成为笑柄。在这个危急存亡的关头,阿宅和抠男决定背水一战,化被动为主动,想尽方式求爱献身,于是,一场事关雄性动物尊严的“女神杯”大战降临……

Date: May 15, 2018