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The Gigolo / 鸭王


The Gigolo opens with a fleeting glimpse of a massive prosthetic penis, so obviously this shouldn’t be your destination if you’re seeking cinematic class. He Jufeng innocent man (He Haowen) glamorous appearance, but different intrinsic nature Treasures “convex” out of the limelight easily become school fans. He was forced to drop out because of a fighting incident, the mother duck sold in markets (Lu Wan Yan) because of spine problems and downtime, suddenly became the family breadwinner front, life is so earth-shaking changes occur…..

锋在机缘巧合下得上一代鸭王 Abson (单立文饰)倾囊传授舞男绝学,令锋成为新一代鸭王。苦练成功再度上阵的巨锋,令一众女客人神魂颠倒,Michelle (袁嘉敏饰)打算背弃丈夫 Ben (何华超 饰),与锋远走高飞。锋因陪伴鸭店冷板櫈阿旦参加电影《舞男王者》招募,误打误撞反被导演 Chloe (何佩瑜饰) 看中,摇身一变成为电影明星。二人双双坠入爱河,打得火热。满以为鸭王的童话故事就此完美结束,但这是恶梦的开始….