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True Story / 真實的故事


Jonah Hill plays Michael Finkel, a recently terminated New York Times journalist who’s struggling for work after a story gone wrong. One day, he receives a phone call from a man regarding an FBI Most Wanted individual named Christian Longo, who’s been captured and claimed to be living as Finkel. Longo and Finkel meet and form a potentially marriage shattering bond while Longo is in prison awaiting his trial. Finkel exchanges journalism tips for the real events behind Longo’s alleged heinous acts of murdering his family. Through the twists and turns in the movie, only at the end will Finkel uncover the True Story.

改編自美國前紐約時報記者Michael Finkel的回憶錄,描述他與被逮捕入獄的十大通緝要犯Christian Longo之間的故事。由詹姆斯法蘭科、喬納希爾與英倫新秀費莉絲蒂瓊斯聯合演出。布萊德彼特擔任製片之一。殺人犯克里斯丁一直用紐約時報記者麥可的名義隱姓埋名過生活,而正當麥可因假消息被炒魷魚時,克里斯丁在墨西哥被逮捕了。麥可決定前往探監,拯救自己的名聲,並從這位神秘男子身上挖出真相。在他窮追不捨的調查之下,揭開了克里斯丁真實的一面,包含謀殺、愛情、欺騙、救贖。詹姆斯將飾演殺人犯克里斯丁,喬納希爾則詮釋這名紐約時報記者,而費莉絲蒂瓊斯將飾演他身懷六甲的妻子。