While We’re Young / 青春倒退嚕

Josh Srebnick is 44. He is married to Cornelia, 43, the daughter of Leslie Breitbart, a respected documentary filmmaker. The couple lives comfortably in New York Village and gives the image of happiness.But things are not so rosy as they look : on a personal level, their relationships have been cooling down while they suffer from not having children. On a professional plane, things have deteriorated as well. Josh, who is also a documentarian like his father-in-law, has lost inspiration: he has been grappling with his last movie for eight years now without being able to complete it. To be true, Josh goes nowhere and his marriage is on the rocks. Things start changing when Josh and Cornelia meet another married pair : Jamie and Darby, a generation younger, express their admiration for Josh (Jamie wishing to become a documentary filmmaker himself). Plus, they much more cool, smart and uninhibited than the two forty-odds. Could they help Josh and Cornelia to revive their couple…?Could …

一板一眼的紀錄片工作者賈許(班史提勒 飾)與他的老婆(娜歐蜜華茲 飾)總是過著千篇一律的生活,夫妻倆一直想要有個小孩卻始終無法如願,但就在一次機緣下他們結識了一對充滿理想抱負且無拘無束的年輕情侶傑米(亞當崔佛 飾)與妲比(亞曼達塞佛瑞 飾),就在彼此截然不同的生活撞擊下,他們離開了平時熟悉的生活圈而開始嘗試各種不同的可能,看似平靜的生活也擦出了不一樣的火花。小時候,大家迫不及待地想長大,希望能夠獨立自主、不被限制;「長大」似乎是讓人通往另一個美妙世界的車票。但就在這瞬息萬變的社會中生存磨練過後,慢慢地,「長大」變成了責任與壓力的代名詞,而人們開始懷念起小時後的無憂無慮,想念年輕時的放蕩不羈,並且開始感嘆為何青春一去不復返?!一成不變的規律生活讓賈許與老婆「安」於現狀卻不「甘」於現狀,在一個偶然機緣下命運之神將傑米與妲比這對小情侶帶到他們的生命中,這樣的結緣,無疑是為他們那了無新意的生活開啟一扇大窗;從這兩個外人俗稱「小屁孩」情侶檔的眼中看出去的世界是多麼豐富且多采多姿啊,他們壓根也沒想到生活還可以這麼過,原本對宛如一灘死水的人生瞬間活過來變成磅礡了的湧泉!

Date: May 15, 2018