Kidnap Ding Ding Don / 绑架丁丁当

Don (starring Alex Fong) wakes up in an abundant house and realize can’t remember anything. He then finds a kidnapped girl Dingding (starring Ivana Wong) next to him. In reverse, Dingding threatens and lures him for kidnapping in order to catch her father’s attention. Both fake hostage and kidnapper stays together and triggers a series of joke.During their stay in the village, they realize there is full of love, friendships and humanity. Dingding gradually gets rid of her spoiled and unruly attitude. Don’s pity for her evolves into love and touch Dingding’s heart. Good times never last, Dingding is kidnapped again. Don goes crazy and runs around all night for her. Unexpectedly, he finds that it is more than a kidnap…

Don (方力申 飾) 在村屋中醒來,發現身旁被綁少女丁丁(王菀之飾)!被指為綁匪的Don喪失了記憶,唯有放走肉參了事,但丁丁賴著不走!精靈愛搗蛋的丁丁心中另有謀算,威迫利誘終令Don答應陪她上演綁架戲,真戲假做,希望得到富爸爸的關愛!「假」肉參與「假」綁匪的另類同居生活這樣展開,二人引發趣事連連,烏龍百出!相處數天,贖金未拿到,富爸爸不見影,二人卻錯有錯著,與村內一眾街坊不打不相識。集愛情、友情、親情、人情的村子裏, 丁丁漸漸脫落刁蠻態度,Don由憐生愛,填滿了丁丁空虛的心。另一邊廂,丁丁父親在妹夫的喪禮中,聽了一席感人肺腑的話而明白到,就算丁丁有多不完美,但她仍是自己的女兒。好景不常,丁丁被綁上綁!Don發瘋徹夜狂跑,誓要從綁匪手中救回她!卻駭然發現,整個故事非表面般簡單….

Date: May 17, 2018