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Maximum Ride / 疾速天使


There are 6 children that aren’t your average kids. Their names are Max (14 years old), Fang (14), Iggy (14), Nudge (11), Gazzy (8), and Angel (6). They’re special hybrid humans; they had 2% avian DNA infused to their human DNA. They escaped from a lab they call “The School” with the help of their caretaker (Jeb Batchleder), and they’ve been living in the mountains since, even after Jeb dies. But when the half-lupine guards from The School, Erasers, have taken Angel, they go on a exhilarating journey to get her back. Along the way, their mysterious past is being revealed, as well as some stunning secrets.

“疾速天使” 系列是当今颇具影响、广受青少年喜爱的小说,作品将科幻与奇幻元素巧妙地融为一体,充满了速度感、悬疑感和冲击力。六个孩子被送入实验室接受残酷的基因改造,变成了长有翅膀拥有超能力的鸟孩。他们逃离、反叛,在残酷的试炼中发现他们的力量正是为了这个世界而存在。故事极像快速推进的大片,充满悬疑的故事、环环相扣的谜团、匪夷所思的超能力。不断切换的场景,第一人称的叙述方式,带读者迅速进入故事情境。让读者与六个孩子一起遭遇挫折、触摸感动,踏上探索生命真谛与未来命运的旅程!