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Mountain Cry / 喊山


Set in a remote village, the story begins with the sudden death of a husband and father whose family is new to the village’s tight-knit traditional community. In the aftermath of that tragic event, the villagers come to know and understand the man’s widow, a mysterious mute with a story to tell and the power to tell it wordlessly. Based on the novel of the same title by Ge Shuiping.

封闭的大山里突发了一场意外,腊宏(余皑磊 饰)误踩了韩冲(王紫逸 饰)捕猎设置的炸药不治身亡,留下了哑巴妻子(郎月婷 饰)和一双儿女。众人与韩父(成泰燊 饰)商议决定让韩冲赔钱私了。而哑巴却穿起红衣裳、时哭时笑,完全不在意赔偿的事,大家认为她受刺激疯了,韩冲只能暂时照料母子三人的生活。在相处中,两人的心越走越近,哑巴曲折的身世之谜逐渐揭开。在两人即将开始新生活的时候,腊宏的命案再生波澜,这个紧要的关头,只有哑巴才能说出真相……