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Time Raiders / 盗墓笔记


A writer for writing material, search to an antique shop boss called Wu Xie, and Wu is preparing to leave the city. Before he left, wu told about his strange tomb-raiding family stories, and spoke for the first time with the family adventure of bizarre events. That an occasional access to their family because a special bronze ware, traced back, found buried in the basin of northwest China west country, they recruited a batch of grave robbers to ancient city ruins, into the queen’s mausoleum is located in the ancient city of underground, found the king mu and the queen asks the immortal truth. Writer after hearing the story of Wu, only to find that there are a lot of doubt, Wu had said that this was his fantasy, or is it a terrible truth that is more complicated. A truth that Wu left that became the eternal mystery of Wu.

落魄作家为了写作素材,寻访到了一个叫做吴邪(鹿晗 饰)的古董铺子老板,而吴邪正准备离开这个城市,临走之前,吴邪和他讲诉了关于自己奇怪的盗墓家族往事,并说出了自己第一次随家族探险所经历的诡异事件:那一次他们的家族因为偶然获取了一件特殊的青铜器, 追根溯源,寻找到了被掩埋在中国西北盆地中的西王母古国,他们招募了一批盗墓贼一同前往古城遗址探险,进入了位于古城地下的西王母陵中,发现了当年周穆王于西王母求长生不死之术的真相。作家听完吴邪的故事,却发现其中有很多疑点,吴邪到底说的是自己的臆想,还是真相更加可怕复杂,因为吴邪的离开变成了永恒之谜。