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Forever Young / 无问西东


From World War, to revolution and ultimately rebirth, Forever Young is the story of four generations spanning a hundred years of modern Chinese history. Each generation faces its own unique set of challenges. Up against corporate corruption, the trials and tribulations of the cultural revolution, and one’s duty to nation in time of war, they are faced with choosing their individual paths through history. But as the challenges and turmoil of each generation may differ as time changes, what was learned in the past cannot help but effect the choices that are made in the future as it is passed down from generation to generation. And that is the universal message that being true to yourself is precious. It is the source of strength that empowers one to become the person they want to be, to march forward as far as their hearts desire, into the future.

如果提前了解了你所要面对的人生,你是否还会有勇气前来?吴岭澜、沈光耀、王敏佳、陈鹏、张果果,几个年轻人满怀诸多渴望,在四个非同凡响的时空中一路前行。   吴岭澜(陈楚生 饰),出发时意气风发,却很快在途中迷失了方向。沈光耀(王力宏 饰),自愿参与了最残酷的战争,他一直在努力去做那些令他害怕,但重要的事。王敏佳(章子怡 饰)最初的错误,只是为了虚荣撒了一个小谎;最初的烦恼,只是在两个优秀的男人中选择一个。但命运,却把她拖入被众人唾骂的深渊。陈鹏(黄晓明 饰)把爱情摆在了理想前面,但爱情却没有把他摆在前面。他说,“我有人要照顾”,纵然这意味着与所有人作对,意味着要和她一起被放逐千里。张果果(张震 饰),身处尔虞我诈的职场,“赢”是他的习惯。为了赢,他总是见招拆招,先发制人。而有一天,他却面临了一个比“赢”更重要的选择。这几个年轻人,在最好的年纪迎来了最残酷的考验,并成就了永不褪色的青春传奇。