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Small Crimes / 小奸小恶


SMALL CRIMES is a delightfully suspenseful, blackly comic tale that follows a disgraced former cop, fresh off a six-year prison sentence for attempted murder, who returns home looking for redemption, but winds up trapped in the mess he left behind.

尼古拉•科斯特-瓦尔道将出演黑色喜剧《小奸小恶》(Small Crimes,暂译),该片由伊万•凯玆执导,梅肯•布莱尔撰写剧本。影片根据大卫•柴尔茨曼同名小说改编,讲述一名因杀人未遂入狱6年的警员,刑满释放回家寻求救赎的故事。本片将于戛纳电影节预售,今夏开拍,预计2017年上映。