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With Prisoners / 同囚


It is difficult to imagine that in a world class city like Hong Kong, inhumane treatments of prisoners still exist to this day. In particular, a juvenile detention center that houses 14 to 25 year olds that uses physical and mental abuse of inmates as their core treatment. A place known only to the inmates as “hell on earth”.Fan, the protagonist, is a young gang member who was sentenced to 3 months at this particular juvenile detention center. After 3 days of abuse from the staff inside, Fan commits suicide. He survives the ordeal and is given hope to see his grandmother one last time before she passes. By submitting and embracing the guards’ abuse, Fan earns his right to be released in record time. Only to witness the mysterious death of his cellmate days before his own release.Is this the only way to ensure the rehabilitation of our young prisoners? How many more young lives will be ruined if we allow places like this to exist?

⾹港,是⼀個⽂明、法治的社會,實在不應該存在⼀個不仁道、無法無天的監獄,尤其是⼀個負責收禁輕度罪犯,年齡由14歲至未滿25歲的青少年,美其名叫勞教中⼼。 被囚禁的犯⼈每天經歷身、⼼、靈的虐打和侮辱,可以說那裡是⼈間地獄。 主角阿凡,是⼀名古惑仔頭⽬,因⼀次與警員發⽣輕微衝突⽽被判入勞教中⼼。入獄後三⽇,已經忍受不住獄中的殘暴對待⽽決定⾃殺。獲救後,靠著⼀份堅持要出獄探望病危外婆的信念,忍辱偷⽣,⽽最終能以最短刑期離開。過程中阿凡⽬睹及經歷各種侮辱,更有遇上同囚離奇死亡的事件,真相將永遠⽯沉⼤海。 真的只有⼀種⽅法讓⼈改過⾃身嗎︖世界上真的需要⼀所這樣的勞教中⼼嗎︖