I Love Hong Kong 2013 – 2013我愛HK 恭喜發財

Hong Kong of the 1970s – a place bustling with opportunities and riches!
The earnest Song (starring Bosco Wong) befriended the crafty Ha (starring Michael Tse) and the latter also helped Song found his first job: a waiter at a Chinese Teahouse. The boss of the Teahouse is a kind man, who has an array of quirky characters as his staff. The colorful characters attracted an interesting patronage, making it a happening place for the community.

Fate has it that both Song and Ha fell for the same girl: May (starring Kate Tsui) who is froma well-to-do family. It’s face off between the geek and the smooth-talker. While romance is blossoming between May and Song, May’s best friend Yuen (starring Joyce Cheng) is a gutsy girl who insisted that bad boys are attractive and only have eyes for Ha.

Decades past and Song weathered many changing times: crash of stock market; era of mass-migration and more… While Song remained steadfast, guarding the teahouse, continuing to serve his loyal patrons and providing jobs for his long-serving staff, the fast-thinking Ha now owns a business empire and is back to create chaos.

Facing the challenges of keeping the Teahouse afloat, Song decided to seek extreme measures, which resulted in him meeting an Angel (starring Eric Tsang)… will theAngel provide sound advice that solve Song’s woes? Or will the unity ofSong and his loyal patrons and staff be the solution?

Date: November 2, 2018