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Fat Buddies / 胖子行动队


The film revolves around a pair of big-boned, bumbling cops who find themselves at the heart of a drug trafficking case. The agent “J” (Zhang Wen) was shot in the head during an A-level mission, causing damage to the intracranial hypothalamus. During the period of rehabilitating, J gradually became a big fat man of three hundred pounds and suffered from severe narcolepsy, but J still considered himself a ace agent. Finally, J received the task again and went to Japan to retrieve the confidential documents. After the file was obtained, J arbitrarily opened the file and decided to continue the task of hiding the organization for the organization, but he fainted in the izakaya. J who woke up in the hospital got to know the security guard Handsome Hao (Bei-Er Bao), Handsome Hao to prove that he is not a waste of nothing to resolutely join the mission. In the process of carrying out the task, the temporary partner has experienced the ridiculous and dangerous crisis of time over and over …特工“J”(文章 饰)在执行一次A级任务时头部中枪,导致颅内下丘脑受损。养伤期间,J渐渐变成了一个三百斤的大胖子,并患有严重的嗜睡症,但J依然认为自己是一个王牌特工。终于,J再次接到任务,只身前往日本取回机密文件。文件得手后,J却擅自拆开文件决定替组织继续完成隐藏其中的任务,不料却晕倒在居酒屋。医院醒来的J结识了保安郝英俊(包贝尔 饰),郝英俊为了证明自己不是个一事无成的废物毅然决然地加入任务中。这对临时拍档在执行任务的过程中,经历一次又一次令人啼笑皆非、险象环生的危机……