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Lost, Found / 找到你


Li Jie, a lawyer, is taking divorce proceedings to try to get custody of her daughter. As she is working hard to earn a better life for her daughter, she hires a baby sitter, Sun Fang, to watch her child. One day, Li comes home only to find her child and Sun have disappeared. Unfortunately, Li is suspected by both her family and the police, and must lean on herself to trace Sun alone.律师李捷(姚晨 饰)正在离婚进行时,与前夫争夺女儿抚养权,拼命工作为给孩子最好的生活,幸有保姆孙芳(马伊琍 饰)帮忙照顾孩子视如己出。 一日下班,李捷发现保姆孙芳和女儿毫无预兆地消失了,她内心最大的恐惧变成了现实。在追寻孙芳和女儿的下落时,她收到来自家人的谴责声讨,甚至遭到警方的怀疑。几乎崩溃的李捷,靠着惊人的勇气,踏上独自寻访的旅 程。在追踪过程中,李捷逐渐接近了另一个女人——保姆孙芳的人生故事,她的身份原先都是谎言,而真相也将浮出水面……