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Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back / 西游伏妖


Tang Monk brings three disciples on a journey to the West. On the outside, everything seems harmonious. However, tension is present beneath the surface, and their hearts and minds are not in agreement. After a series of demon-capturing events, the monk and his disciples gain mutual understanding of each others’ hardships and unease. Finally, they resolve their inner conflict and work together to become an all-conquering, demon-exorcising team.

电影《西游伏妖篇》作为2013年周星驰导演电影《西游降魔篇》的后继故事,讲述了唐三藏(吴亦凡 饰)在上集感化了杀死段小姐的齐天大圣(林更新 饰),并收其为徒后,带着孙悟空、猪八戒(杨一威&汪铎 饰)及沙僧(巴特尔 饰),师徒一行四人踏上西天取经之旅。路途凶险,除魔伏妖,师徒四人也在取经的过程中有了各自的成长与改变。