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Reset / 逆时营救


The story revolves around Xia Tian, a single mother and an associate researcher whose life’s work is a machine that can allow people to return to the past. However, upon the completion of the machine, her son, Dou Dou, gets kidnapped and is held ransom in exchange for it. The only way she can save her son is by using the machine to travel an hour and fifty minutes back in time to prevent the kidnapping.

单亲妈妈夏天(杨幂 饰)作为物理研究所的高级研究员,与所长共同研究出可使生物体穿越虫洞进行时间旅行的技术,当研究有了突破性进展时,儿子豆豆(张艺瀚 饰)却被神秘绑匪崔琥(霍建华 饰)绑架,为了挽救豆豆的生命,夏天冒险用未完成的粒子技术 返回1小时50分钟前,却令事情变得更加复杂,更遭遇到意想不到的困局:要去面对三个自己在时空旅行中的变异互博。而崔琥的背后故事也渐渐浮出水面……