Anniversary / 纪念日

The story evolves between Keung and Bao who are in their 10th years marriage. It followed by relationship with their own families and friends. They had numerous disagreements and conflicts which leading to divorce state. Are they willing to give each other a chance to be together ?

王志強(方力申 饰)和钟家宝(邓丽欣 饰)结婚十周年,决定到瑞士滑雪庆祝,但在出发前,华重遇几年前的老友琪琪(盛朗熙 饰),二人发觉对对方的情愫从未减退。那边,阿宝竟突然提出不去瑞士,而她对阿华原来也有一个不可告人的秘密。

Date: March 28, 2019