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David Loman 2 / 大尾鱸鰻2


Taiwan, the present day. Zhu Dade, aka David Loman (Zhuge Liang), has retired from gangsterism and opened the David Lo Motel in the countryside with his wife Nana (Miao Keli), his daughter Zhu Xiaoqin (Guo Caijie), her partner He Xiang (Yang Youning) and their young son Choudi (Liao Yanlun). When Choudi gets into a fight at school with a fellow student who made fun of him because his parents weren’t married, his teacher visits the family to complain. Soon afterwards, Xiaola (Lian Jingwen), 35, Nana’s long-lost younger sister, turns up at the door and announces she’s staying. Meanwhile, Xiaoqida (Kang Kang), who unsuccessfully tried to kill Zhu Dade (but shot his double instead) after the latter took over his father’s gang, escapes from prison to find his wife (Hong Peiyin) is sleeping with their neighbour, Wang (Chen Gang); in revenge, Xiaoqida tells Wang’s wife (Liao Lijun) and the two of them end up having strenuous sex together.