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Heartfall Arises / 惊天破


Heartfall Arises follows two Chinese chess masters who have been entangled in several serial murder cases in relation to the effect of organ transplants. John Ma (Tse) a brave cop, and Calvin Che (Lau) a criminal psychologist brought together are under the great threat and struggle to define all means evolved from the killings. Their final confrontation will uncover the lead behind the scene but will also put numerous innocent people in great danger than it is ever known before.

在一次离奇的案件行动中,警察马进(谢霆锋 饰)击毙连环杀手“将军”(高伟光 饰),却被对方射穿心脏,命悬一线,意外之下接受了心脏移植手术。时隔一年半,国际上惊现数宗与“将军”作案手法完全一致的惊天大案,康复后的马进主动请缨,与犯罪心理学教授车家伟(刘青云 饰)联手展开调查。随着案情深入,马进发现了车教授身上藏有鲜为人知的秘密,车教授对“换心”后的马进也产生了特别的兴趣。在二人互相试探、智斗暗涌的过程中,马进妻子莫秀(范晓萱 饰)与神秘女子陈相茹(佟丽娅 饰)也逐渐卷入事件,一场危及全港百万人生命的大战悄然引爆……