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My Wife Is a Superstar / 我老婆是明星


The movie company owner Jeff has recruited a new actress Chu Kei as the leading actress of a major Chinese-New-Year-themed movie. Chu Kei soon becomes the attention of the public and all the media go after her for interviews. It has always been her dream of becoming a famous celebrity that she even promised Jeff she will not date anyone. However, she is in fact married to a reporter named Lai Mo. All the sudden, she has to hide her marriage from the public which leads to a big fight with her husband.

朱淇(刘心悠 饰)一直以来都希望成为一名演员,然而,在娱乐圈摸爬滚打浸淫多年,始终缺少一点运气的她却依然只能在剧中混得一个跑龙套的小角色。一次偶然之中,电影公司的大老板杰夫(林德信 饰)看中了朱淇,钦点她做一部炒得十分红火的贺岁片的女主角,朱淇兴奋之余害怕自己已婚的身份会影响星途,于是决定隐瞒这一事实。   朱淇的丈夫赖毛(周柏豪 饰)是一名娱乐记者,为了老婆的前途着想,他只能不情不愿的配合着朱淇的脚步。然而,随着朱淇的走红,赖毛发现自己和老婆之间的距离越来越远,不禁心生疑虑,潜伏剧组之后方才发现朱淇和杰夫之间竟然有着扑朔不明的暧昧关系。