Those Merry Souls / 时来运转

Chiu Chi-Lung and Ng Kuai-Tak are two movie stunt actors in Hong Kong and are suspicious of Lung’s father Chiu’s mysterious behavior. Unbeknownst to them, Chiu was commissioned as a “messenger” by the Spirit World to take newly-departed souls to the other side. When Tak suffers a major accident on the movie set, Chiu keeps Tak’s soul from being taken away, thereby, reviving him. Chiu is punished for messing with the Spirit World’s procedures and Lung, unfortunately, becomes the next “messenger.” Therefore, Tak looks to his father, who is a practicing Tao Priest, for help.

赵子龙(元彪 饰)和吴贵德(曾志伟 饰)两人是无话不谈的好友,而两人的父亲一个是占卜术士,一个是勾魂鬼差,这截然不同的身份令他们常常闹出不少笑话。某日,吴贵德代替赵子龙演一出跳楼戏,结果发生意外,所幸赵子龙的父亲阻止了鬼差收走吴贵德的魂魄,否则吴贵德早已经灵魂出窍。 吴贵德起死回生,赵子龙亦与名为阿乐的女孩成为了情侣,在一片祥和的气氛中,阿龙的父亲发现自己的行为惹恼了其他鬼差,最终,他惨遭杀害。赵子龙的父亲死后,赵子龙在鬼使神差之下竟然开始收魂,原来,鬼差一职世代相传,一任丧命,就要由他的下一代来填补空缺,为了让赵子龙摆脱这悲惨的命运,吴贵德的父亲和勾魂鬼差开始了一场恶战。

Date: March 28, 2019