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Almost all of the cast of this movie are members of a famous j-pop group, EXILE TRIBE. They can dance and sing wonderfully. And this point makes this movie unique. Because there are a lot of group and they have their own song each. So these song is used as their theme songs. This point doesn’t have other movies. It is an interesting point. In addition this movie is based on dramas, and connects with the concert of EXILE TRIBE. This is also one of unique point, and so commercial.Also this movie is though story of a bad lot at first. In fact there are a lot of fights. Some people may think it’s so cool. But this movie’s good point isn’t this. The good point is describing strong friendships and fine feelings of people. For example, when a person faces on the death of own important friend, how the person changes so on. This movie tells us our life is a succession of fighting.