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Master / 金融决战


JIN Hyun-pil heads up a multi-level marketing company called ‘One Network Inc.’ that has an extensive network covering all of Korea. The Intellectual Criminal Investigation’s Chief, KIM Jae-myung, is on to Jin’s company suspecting its deep and widespread connection to CEOs, politicians, and bureaucrats. Kim catches a break when he tracks down the company’s IT architect and brain, PARK Jang-gun. Kim persuades Park to hand over information on Tech Hub and Jin’s secret ledger, in exchange of a plea bargain. Park pretends to cooperate while making his own plans to turn in his boss and steal the company’s huge secret fund. Jin gets wind of the police closing in on him. He closes off his scheme in Korea and stows away with his partner, hiring assassins to execute Park. Kim never gives up pursuing Jin but 6 months later, news about Jin’s murder stirs the country once again.

《MASTER》由《绝密跟踪》导演曹义锡执导,围绕一起韩国建国以来最大规模的诈骗案件展开,讲述智能犯罪搜查队和高智商诈骗团伙之间一场侦查与反侦察的智勇博弈。最近在《局内人》中展现绝佳演技的李秉宪将再演反派,在片中饰演领导完美作案计划并拥有出色口才的OneNetwork 公司陈会长一角,他是这起大规模网络诈骗案件的幕后操控者。而姜栋元饰演追查案件的智能犯罪搜查队队长金宰明,凭借高智商和无懈可击领导能力,与陈会长展开正面对垒。值得一提的是,这将是姜栋元出道以来首次扮演警察角色。此外,新生代人气男星金宇彬将在片中出演陈会长的头号智囊“朴将军”,是一个聪明绝顶,在警察和陈会长之间活动自如游刃有余的角色。