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MORE THAN BLUE / 比悲伤更悲伤的故事


Cream, a bright personality with a dark streak somehow manages to make a connection with the secretive K. As high school classmates, they share their loneliness, get close quickly, and fill the emptiness in each other. Cream moves into K’s place and they depend on each other like a family or lovers. Years go by, and K works for a record company and Cream becomes a lyricist, but they still live together, neither a couple nor friends. Diagnosed with leukemia, K is hesitant to reveal his illness because he does not want to hurt Cream by leaving her alone. Not knowing any of this, Cream starts dating another man, eventually accepting his marriage proposal. 唱片制作人张哲凯(刘以豪)和王牌作词人宋媛媛(陈意涵)相依为命,两人自幼身世坎坷只有彼此为伴,他们是亲人、是朋友,也彷佛是命中注定的另一半。父亲罹患遗传重症而被母亲抛弃的哲凯,深怕自己随时会发病不久人世,始终没有跨出友谊的界线对媛媛展露爱意。眼见哲凯的病情加重,他暗自决定用剩余的生命完成他们之间的终曲,再为媛媛找个可以托付一生的好男人。这时,事业有 成温柔体贴的医生(张书豪)适时的出现让他成为照顾媛媛的最佳人选,二人按部就班发展着关系。一切看似都在哲凯的计划下进行。然而,故事远比这里所写更要悲伤…