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TO MY 19-YEAR-OLD / 给19岁的我自己


Mo Xiaofeng died unexpectedly in an adventure. At the funeral of Mo Xiaofeng who had been in love for 10 years, Yang Yixue got his legacy, a mysterious wooden box full of letters. With these loving letterheads, Yang Yixue’s thoughts were flying and dusty memories were opened. She regretted that she had missed her lover. The “Mystery Wooden Box” has a magical traversal function, which can be connected with the past time and space. Yang Yixue wants to recover the lost love by continuing to communicate with her 19-year-old geese.莫晓枫在一次冒险中出了意外去世,在暗恋了10年的莫晓枫的葬礼上阳艺雪得到了他留给自己的遗物,一个装有满满书信的“神秘木盒”,捧着这些倾注爱意的信笺,阳艺雪思绪纷飞,尘封的记忆被打开,她后悔当年与爱人失之交臂。而“神秘木盒”具有神奇穿越功能,可与过去时空连接,阳艺雪通过不断地与19岁的自己鸿雁传书,欲追回错失的爱。