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신의 한 수: 귀수편 / 神之一手:鬼手篇


In the 1990s, when Go gambling fever swept Korea, Gui-su loses everything because his father gambled obsessively until there was nothing left. Left all alone in the world, Gui-su meets a mentor and Go teacher, Il-do, and goes through vicious training to become the grandmaster of Go. He sets out for revenge on the world that destroyed his life, but soon finds himself chased by an unknown loner pursuing his own vendetta. 犯罪动作电影《鬼手》是郑雨盛2014年主演的观影人次达到了356万的《神之一手》的前传。权相佑饰演的主人公“鬼手”一角,是小时候因为赌棋失去一切,要对放弃自己的人实施报复的人物。权相佑将在没有替身的情况下直接消化所有动作。权相佑说:“毫不夸张地说,我在 这部电影中什么都干过,非常强烈,很好。我将竭尽全力去拍摄。”