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The Walk / 云中行走


In 1973, French street performer Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is trying to make a living in Paris with juggling acts and wire walking, much to the chagrin of his father. During one performance, he eats a hard candy which was given to him by an audience member and hurts his tooth. He visits the dentist and, while in the waiting room, sees a picture in a magazine of the Twin Towers in New York City. He analyzes the photo and decides to make it his mission to walk a tightrope between the two buildings. Meanwhile, he is kicked out of his parents’ house by his father, citing his lack of income and the fact that he’s a street performer. Philippe returns to the circus that inspired him to wire walk as a child and practices in the big top after hours, but is caught by Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley), whom he impresses with his juggling skills. While performing one day, Philippe meets a beautiful woman and fellow street performer named Annie (Charlotte Le Bon) and they begin a romantic relationship. He also explains that although he didn’t know it at the time, she was his first “accomplice”. He tells Annie about his dream to walk between the towers of the World Trade Center and she supports him and gives him a perfect place to practice at her music school. Philippe meets a photographer named Jean-Louis (Clément Sibomy) and befriends him, becoming Philippe’s official photographer and second accomplice in his “coup”

故事敘述菲利浦•佩帝從小就愛上走鋼索特技。但因不被家人支持而離家,後來成為街頭表演者。一次表演途中,他因為誤食一位觀眾所給的硬糖果而弄傷牙齒。在 牙醫診所等待的期間,他無意看見雜誌上刊登美國打算在紐約建造世界第一高樓(當時的世界第一)世貿雙子星大廈時,就興奮莫名暗許心願,打算成為在世界第一 高空走鋼索的人。因為世貿雙子星不僅是世界第一高樓,同時南塔北塔的設計,簡直是走鋼索表演的完美組合。他把這件事情告訴同為街頭表演者的安妮并獲得她的 支持。在經過許多訓練與挫折,他義無反顧地在世貿雙子星大廈的南塔完工前前往美國紐約,並在安妮、師傅爸爸盧迪和其他同伴的協助下展開他秘密安裝鋼索的工 作。