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This is a story in 2005. Christy Lam is a typical city girl born and raised in Hong Kong. She is a month from turning 30, and has just begun to cope with the same struggles shared by most girls of the same age: the almost unbearable stress at work, her aging but annoying parents, and her seemingly stable yet stagnant relationship. All of these only add to her fear for this next chapter of her life. Wong Tin-Lok, on the other hand, is also turning 30 soon, but leads a vastly different life. She has never been in love, and her job is taking her nowhere. And yet, she has always kept an optimistic attitude towards life. On the verge of her next chapter, she makes a bold decision to just pick up her bags and fulfill her childhood dream. They have never met each other, and their personalities are night and day. But as fate would have it, Christy makes a temporary move into Wong’s apartment. Through exploring Wong’s diary, Christy not only discovers that they share the same birthday, but …

《29+1》改编自彭秀慧执导的香港大热同名舞台剧,主要讲述即将进入三十岁的两位女性,在面对大部分同龄女性都会面对的困扰时,选择了截然不同的人生态度。 一个是即将踏入三十岁的林若君,面对压力升级的工作挑战、双亲病重、仿如鸡肋的爱情关系……突然来袭的这些不安,令她感到前所未有的恐惧。另一个同样是即将迎来三十岁的黄天乐,却永远乐天知命,不为生活所困扰,身患癌症却坚持环游世界,寻找爱情,甚至从未因为微胖身型错过美食。 她们互不认识,性格各异,因缘际会林若君却搬进了黄天乐的家,没想到二人竟是同年同月同日出生,林若君通过黄天乐的日记阅读着对方人生点滴,两个女子在空气中互相融合,观照,影响……到底是谁闯进了谁的世界?