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She Remembers, He Forgets / 哪一天我们会飞


Unfulfilled at work and dissatisfied with her marital life, a middle-aged woman attends a high school reunion and finds a floodgate of flashbacks of her salad days open before her mind’s eyes. She was inseparable with two boys 20 years ago but married one of them eventually. All the memories eventually zero in on one critical incident that changed her life and those of the boys forever.

余凤芝(杨千嬅 饰)和彭盛华(林海峰 饰),一对相识于中学的中年夫妻,过着寻常而压抑的生活。二人竭力维持的婚姻外壳,却被一次旧生同学联欢会彻底戳破。当时在学校里,曾存在一个谜样的男同学,他与她与他构成青葱的三角;在尘封的记忆深处,埋下一个令人动容的秘密……