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Proud of Me / 爸,我一定行的


369 by Zheng, Runqi is raised by his father Li, Jinlong alone. His father’s biggest hope is that 369 can enter a university and find a decent job after that. However, 369’s grade was always at the bottom and he escaped from class at Grade 11, resulting in his expelling. His father could only be contacted every connection he had, hoping that 369 could learn some skills and get independent. 369 hated every job introduced by his father. He failed and failed again in almost 8 years and was laughed at by his neighbors. So 369 decided to go to Shenzhen to escaped from the town and all those derision. 369 became an internet celebrity, which was considered as the violation of his father’s hope. The relationship between them was going to a total rupture.369(郑润奇 饰)是父亲李锦龙(郑鹏生 饰)拉扯大的,父亲最大的愿望,是369能考上大学,将来有个像样的生计,但369的成绩总是全校倒数前十。高二那年,369逃课被退学了,父亲的愿望泡汤,只能各种托关系,让儿子去学个一技之长,望他出社会能够独立。然而, 369做一样厌一样,混了七八年一事无成,被乡里人唱衰。最终,369决定逃离乡里,逃离每天被流言蜚语的日子,跑到深圳,做起了网络主播。父子俩的关系,在369一次次违背父亲的愿望中,走向了决裂。