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Love Education / 相爱相亲


A dying old lady reminisces about her happier moments. Her daughter, Hui Ying, decides to move her father’s grave from his hometown to beside her mother’s grave. However, his first wife, who has looked after the grave for years, doesn’t approve, and their disagreement ends up becoming a problem for the whole town. Hui Yang’s daughter, Weiwei, works at a broadcasting company. After showing a video clip of a scuffle between her mother and step-grandmother to her colleagues, it becomes local news, and much gossip ensues.

  岳惠英(张艾嘉 饰)的母亲去世之后,惠英最大的念想就是将远葬在乡下的父亲的坟迁回城里,和母亲葬在一起,这个念头让她和父亲的原配姥姥(吴彦姝 饰)之间爆发了巨大的矛盾。迁坟的事成为了惠英的心结,亦让她和丈夫孝平(田壮壮 饰)之间的感情产生了裂痕。   惠英的女儿薇薇(朗月婷 饰)是电视台的栏目记者,对姥姥的过去充满了好奇的她将这场“家庭矛盾”搬上了电视,展现在了大众面前,虽然出发点是善意的,可整个事件却愈演愈烈最后变成了一出闹剧。与此同时,薇薇和男友阿达(宋宁峰 饰)之间的感情因为阿达的青梅竹马的出现而遭遇了信任危机,这让她对等了外公一辈子也孤独的生活了一辈子的姥姥产生了莫名的亲近之感。