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At the End of the Tunnel / 隧道尽头


Joaquín is a computer engineer in wheelchair trapped by the imminent foreclose of his house due to the debt with his bank. Trying save it, he rents one room to Berta, an exotic dancer, and Betty, her six-years-old daughter. Meanwhile Joaquín is blocked emotionally by the remembers of his wife and daughter, dead after an accident time ago, Berta lives with the drama of Betty, who two years ago stopped to talk mysteriously. Their at the beginning uneasy coexistence gradually softens, turning in a friendship and a love interest between them, when Joaquín accidentally discovers that Berta is a lure sent by the leader of a little gang that they are digging a long underground tunnel in the cellar next to him (where Joaquín works repairing old computers) to steal a bank. It causes that Joaquín decides to watch them in secret, creating an alternate access to the tunnel, planning steal the bank just before them. But Joaquín’s plan crashes against a couple of secrets about Berta, Betty and the …

Joaquín 是一位瘫痪的电脑工程师,为了摆脱银行债务,他将房子租给外国女郎Berta和她6岁的女儿Betty。一次偶然的机会,Joaquín发现一伙小偷打算挖隧道偷窃银行,等待Joaquí的会是什么呢?